Dance School Tuition Cost & Payments
1.) Tuition is based on a yearly fee and is divided into 9 equal payments.   All 9 billing months (September – May) are full payment months regardless of holiday recesses or the number of classes in the month. The registration fee will be waived/deducted for any family paying tuition in full by Sept. 30.  

2.) Tuition statements will be filed on the payment wall in the foyer every week.  Payments are due the 1st class of each
month.  Performing Arts gives a generous 14 day grace period.  A $5.00 late fee will be added to every payment received after the 14th day of each month.  Most families pay by check as cash receipts w ill not be given.  Checks are made payable to:  “Performing Arts.”  If you wish to pay by CREDIT CARD you may do so at the Studio B cash register.

3.) Please return the statement & envelope with y our payment to ensure proper credit.  Place payments in the kiosk payment slot in the center foyer, NOT back on the wall.  Monthly payments are non-refundable and cannot be prorated.  Students can make up missed classes in any other scheduled class in the same subject/level in the 1st semester only.  Full attendance is expected 2nd semester.  No tuition deductions will be made for missed classes.

4.) There is a charge of $25.00 for all returned checks.

New Tuition 2017-18 Rates Coming Soon....

Costume Fees

Costume deposits are $50 per costume, payable any time before November 15th.  The school must be notified in writing by January 1 if your dancer will not be finishing out the year and does not intend to be a part of the year-end performance. Otherwise, costumes will be ordered and you will be responsible for costume fees. 

Costume balances are due in April, and are the total of the total costume cost (generally between $65 and $125), minus the initial $50 deposit.  Total costume costs include the costume, tights, gloves, trims, bows, extra sequins, headpieces, special shoes, small props, etc.

Alterations are the responsibility of the school; however, you may be asked to perform minor strap sewing, etc.

Recital Fees and Additional Information

The recital fee is $30 per family due in early May.  Upon all fees being paid, families will receive a special code to be used to purchase recital tickets online

Because of show length, Performing Arts Dance Academy reserves the right to strictly limit the number of solos/duets during our recital.  Rules and restrictions must be applied to have the most qualified dancers perform in solo numbers:

1. Dancer must be at the intermediate/advanced level of training in subject
2. Dancer must be actively registered in two or more classes
3. Non-seniors must be studying ballet at least once a week
4. Dancer must have outstanding attendance
5. Dancer must have approval by teacher and director 
6. Due to show length, 12th grade students are preferred
7. Trios and quartets must follow all rules, with the exception of #3

Rehearsal Cost 

(payable before classes begin)

Rehearsal Cost

Have questions about tuition and dance fees? Contact our dance school for additional information today!  
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