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September 2017

New studio opening inside Performing Arts Dance

By: Megan Tomaszewski
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With a new school year comes the start of after-school activities, headlined by sports such as high school and Little Loop football, soccer and volleyball.  And while it may not get as much attention, dance still remains a popular after-school choice for children and teens everywhere –– so much so that Performing Arts Dance Academy owner and executive director, Hamburg native Suzanne Mall, will be opening a new studio in its Lake Street location this September.  “We’re just so proud of it,” she said. “I’m excited to see what’s going to happen.”  The new studio space in the Lake Street plaza is adjacent to Studio B Dancewear, which Mall also owns. Mall explained that the addition will allow for approximately 450 students to be part of more individualized, skill level-based classes as opposed to grouping students with varying dance experience together in one class. “It was hard to have just the two studios; we want to be able to challenge our kids that want to go on (to do this) professionally,” she said. “You always have those kids that have it in their heart and we have a group of really strong, dedicated children that want to go on and dance.”

March 2010

Studio B’s window display is featured in Dance Retailer News by Leslie Groves

A ray of sunshine and a blast of color are all you need to jumpstart spring this year. Studio B in Hamburg, NY, created a whimsical window filled with flying fairies and beautiful tutu flowers. The variety of levels in the display makes great use of the large window without being too busy or cluttered, and the bold colors catch the attention of passersby. You can create a garden of your own that will enliven your store window.

"This display definitely increased our drop-in traffic. The spotlights on the butterfly wings really attracted attention, and a lot of people were impressed with the working fountain in the garden. Since I collect little fairies at home, I brought them in and hid them under some of the flowers. Kids loved the fairies; it's become a game to find them in the displays." - Suzanne Mall, owner of Studio B.

The article was followed by a how-to guide to create the look we had in our display window this past year.

February 25, 2010

Ferro Cosmetics is featured on Channel 4

Ferro Cosmetics founder, Krissy Ferro, shares her money-saving tips for makeup purchases. She also uses Studio B's own Kristen Bernas as a model for makeup application. Studio B is the only Ferro Cosmetics retail outlet in the Southtowns.

February 21-22, 2010

Atlantic Dance Show

Studio B owner Suzanne Mall attended the Atlantic Dance Show in Baltimore, Maryland. The show, organized by Roger Leung and Sandy Askin, brought together numerous dance retail suppliers to show off their latest merchandise. Specifically, Suzanne was excited to visit the booths by current suppliers Wild Child Nation, So Danca and Heart & Soul, as well as future supplier Body Wrappers.
Dance Clothing Vendors in Hamburg NY
Suzanne with Body Wrappers 
VP Nicholas Karant 
and president Marie West.
Dance Clothing Supplier Traci Copeland in Hamburg, NY
Traci Copeland from
Wild Child Nation
Dance Supplies from Angelo Luzio Company in Hamburg, NY
Suzanne with Luigi Luzio, president
of The Angelo Luzio Company

January 19, 2010

Studio B becomes the only Southtowns retailer of Ferro Cosmetics 

Studio B Dancewear is now carrying Ferro Cosmetics, a line of high end, all natural mineral makeup.

Ferro Cosmetics aims to empower women to look, feel and be their very best with makeup that is as beautiful as it is practical and healthy. It does that by adding minerals such as silk and pearl to illuminate skin. More importantly, unnecessary ingredients such as talc, toxins, fragrances, and dyes are left out. The line, founded by Krissy Ferro of WNY, was previously only available in the Northtowns. 

Studio B's inventory of Ferro Cosmetics includes foundation, eye shadows, veils, blushes, and bronzers. Customers are welcome to try different shades in our store, and to ask one of our trained staff members about the advantages of mineral makeup.

July 2009

Studio B is featured in Dance Retailer News as the issue’s spotlight store

Below is an excerpt from the article. 
Ticket to Success
How one storeowner created a movie-themed store that quickly became the talk of the town.
By Elizabeth Louise Hatt
From the moment you step through the doors of Studio B in Hamburg, NY, you know it will be a shopping experience like no other. A smiling young girl, dressed in a burgundy shirt, leads you through velvet ropes and down a red carpet to a plush theater style seat. As the usher disappears behind the thick velvet curtains ahead, you sit, munching on a cup of popcorn watching Sleeping Beauty on the large screen in front of you. A couple of minutes later, your usher returns with boxes of shoes, ready to find you the perfect fit.

Building a theme into a store has its advantages. A unique shopping experience can help set your business apart from the competition-especially in a creative industry such as dance. According to storeowner Suzanne Mall, it is about finding a way to engage your customers that leaves a lasting impression. This isn't enough to guarantee success, though.

With the two nearest dancewear stores both more than 20 miles away from her dance studio, the Performing Arts Dance Academy in Hamburg, Mall identified a void in the community. And after selling dancewear basics from a room in the studio for almost 15 years, she knew exactly what students were looking for. Capitalizing on her studio expertise, Mall turned Studio B into its own theatrical production that quickly became the talk of the town, attracting shoppers from as far away as Canada – and the attention of almost all passersby.

April 23, 2009
Article in the Hamburg Sun 

The worlds of film and dance collide with ‘Studio B Dance Supplies Store’

By Sarah Reynolds
The Performing Arts Dance Academy located at 206 Lake St. in the Village of Hamburg has recently opened a store right next door to the academy. Studio B Dancewear opened 12 days before Christmas and has been experiencing a substantial amount of success since then. The building, located right next to the dance academy, has the resemblance of Hollywood.

“My idea was to have it be like a movie theater,” said Studio B Dancewear and Academy owner Suzanne Mall. “I’ve loved theater since I was a little kid, especially Shea’s Theatre, so I tried to decorate it after Shea’s.” The supplies center features dance, gymnastic, skating and ladies fitness wear in various sizes which includes plus sizes.

The store has generated a following which includes following customers from as far away as Toronto. Many have deemed the store as one of the Southtowns' best kept secrets.

Mall was a dancer with the Buffalo City Ballet. She is a member of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Village Business Advisory Council, National Association of Professional Women and she is an A-Plus Member of the Better Business Bureau.

We have new inventory of dance clothing, gymnastics clothing, dance supplies dance accessories and more in our dancewear store. Contact our store for more info on new arrivals today! 
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