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Dance Classes & Dance Lessons Offered in Hamburg, NY & Buffalo, NY

What's so Great about our Dance Classes?

There are many great things that can come from enrolling your children in dance classes at the Performing Arts Dance Academy.  Our classes can help your children become more socially engaged with the kids around them. This can lead to the formation of valuable friendships and mentoring both on and off the dance floor! 

At our dance studio, your children can also learn how to express themselves in new and exciting ways that they never would have realized otherwise. All this comes with the added bonus that your children are being active and staying healthy. Our dance classes are immersive and provide an exceptionally rewarding outcome for everyone. Each and every dancer experiences a new leap of growth when they visit our dance studio in the Buffalo, NY area.
Dance Studio Benefits Buffalo, NY

Some Dance Classes We Offer for Hamburg, NY & Buffalo, NY Areas:

As you can see, we offer many styles at our dance studio in the Buffalo, NY region. We encourage your child to explore every option, and see what dance class they like the best! Many of our dancers experiment with every style, and then hone their skills in one direction. Dancing is truly one of the most expressive art forms, and we look forward to teaching your children here at Performing Arts Dance Academy in Hamburg!
  • Ballet
    • The primary foundation in the training of an aspiring young dancer
  • Pointe
    • Building up of the strength in the dancer's legs and feet to dance on his or her toes
  • Ballet Technique
    • A non-recital ballet class for pointe students
  • Tap Dance
    • The use of syncopated rhythms to create a pattern of sounds
  • Contemporary
    • The evolution from traditional ballet
  • Hip-Hop
    • A type of street dance that is performed to fast-paced music
  • Break Dance
    • A dance that evolved from hip-hop culture
  • Musical Theater
    • Incorporates vocal coaching, dance steps, and acting techniques
  • Jazz
    • A popular dance technique that relies heavily on improvisation

Find full descriptions of the types of dance classes we offer here

Learn more about the benefits of our dance classes by contacting our dance school staff in Hamburg, NY today! 
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