Dance Classes in Hamburg, NY

Dance Classes & Dance Lessons Offered in Hamburg, NY & Buffalo, NY

Preschool Combo
This 45-minute class offers an introduction to the basics of tap and ballet for 3- and 4-year-old students. Our preschool combo class teaches students the concepts of rhythm, creative movement, and partnering skills, which is a helpful social component of dance. We believe in providing a “no stress” family environment, and as a result, a high percentage of our little ones remain with us throughout their school years. 

All of our combo students aged 3, 4, and 5 perform in both our Saturday and Sunday Matinee performance at the end of the year.
5-Year Old Combo
This one-hour combo class is held once per week. We understand the changes and adjustments that are involved in the transition into being in school full time; therefore we ease the adjustment by keeping our young students in transition together. Our 5-year-old combo students learn both ballet and tap techniques, continuing to learn creative movement and partnering skills. 

All of our combo students aged 3, 4, and 5 perform in both our Saturday and Sunday Matinee performance at the end of the year.


Our ballet classes are offered for ages 6 to adult, at every skill level. At the Performing Arts Dance Academy, we believe that the study of classical ballet is the primary foundation in the training of an aspiring young dancer. The technical dance style of ballet teaches graceful, flowing, and precise movements.

Our students begin each class with basic barre exercises, which teach proper weight distribution for balance as well as proper placement for use in center floor work. Our young students learn classical ballet techniques, though they may be introduced to a more contemporary style as more mature dancers.


Dancing on pointe, or your toes, requires tremendous strength of the dancer’s legs and feet. In order to be able to dance “en pointe,” a dancer must have had the time and the training to achieve the form, strength, and alignment that are needed to make a successful transition from ballet to pointe work.

Most students around the age of 11, in their third or fourth year of ballet training, are physically prepared to begin pointe dance training. We recommend that young dancers who desire to dance on pointe begin training at least two hours per week before they begin pointe. Students who take pointe must also take a ballet technique class in addition to their normal ballet classes. (See below for more information)

Our first year pointe students use the barre to develop strength and confidence before being introduced to center floor work. Only our intermediate to advanced pointe students perform in our show, allowing beginner students the needed time to develop.

Ballet Technique

Ballet technique is a non-recital class that is mandatory for our pointe students. This class combines barre and floor work and our students learn throughout the year, while they may be working on recital dances in their normal classes. There is a required uniform for this class. 


Our tap classes are offered for ages 6 to adult, at every skill level. Tap dancing uses syncopated rhythms to create a pattern of sounds. Our tap students learn proper warm-up techniques, combinations, turns, and several styles, including ballroom, hoofing/rhythmic, and Broadway. 


Our contemporary classes are offered for ages 8 to adult, with a ballet background (recommended). Contemporary dance is an evolution from traditional ballet. It is less structured than ballet, and concentrates on organic and free movements. 


Our hip-hop classes are offered for ages 6 to adult, at every skill level. Hip-hop is a type of street dance that is performed to fast-paced popular music. This high-energy class is great for dancers of all levels of experience. 


Our break dancing classes are offered for ages 10 and up, at every skill level. It is a style of dance that evolved from the hip-hop culture. Our breaking classes teach the four primary moves of top rock, down rock, power moves, and freezes.

Musical Theater 

Our musical theater programs are offered for children ages 8 to 18, and no prior dance experience is necessary. This class incorporates vocal coaching, dance steps, and acting techniques to prepare our students for realistic auditions or careers in theater.  It is recommended that ALL students take jazz to sharpen their skills. 

 Our musical theater students perform in our yearly recital, where they use all of their learned techniques to perform a two- to three-minute piece from a musical chosen by their teacher.


Jazz is offered to students starting at the age of 6 and is one of the most popular of all dance forms. It could be any dance style characterized by the use of improvisation, and influenced by rhythms and techniques of jazz music.

Performance Coaching

Private coaching is available with Miss. Kerri Lynn Paufler. Miss Kerri helps students to prepare for upcoming auditions, shows, and musicals through vocal and dance skill coaching. Please contact the studio to discuss available times. 

If you'd like to sign up for one of our many dance classes, or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us here!

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